Roast Sweet Potato and Brown Rice Balls

I am a big batch kinda gal, if I’m roasting veggies or cooking quiona / rice I like to do double the quantity to have ready to go ingredients in the fridge. 

It’s times like this that it really pays off, I was looking for a snack and whipped these up in about 5 minutes.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup of sweet potato                              1/2 cup of cooked + cooled brown rice

1/4 cup of nutritional yeast (*)                   1 Tbsp of za’tar spice 

2 Tbsp of dried parsley                                1 Tbsp of tamari 

Sesame seeds to coat 

Method :

1) In a large bowl mash sweet potato and rice with a fork. 

2) Add all other ingredients and roll into bite size balls or two large balls. 

3) Pour sesame seeds on a large plate and roll balls to coat

4) Serve warm or as they are. 

(*) Note- Nutritional Yeast is an ” inactive yeast” that is high in B vitamins. It gives recipes a cheesy taste but is completely vegan. It’s currently one of my favourite ingredients and can be found at your local organic grocer or health food store for a reasonable price. 

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