Organic coconut and apricot balls


 This would have to be one of the easiest recipes you will ever read.

For me, that’s a challenge. I am notorious for complicating simple recipes. I walk into the pantry and my idea of simple goes out the window- I have quite the stash of “superfoods” to play around with. 

 But… I appreciate that not all people stock all these these ingredients, so I’ve created a simple recipe that anyone can make. Yes anyone. 

 You will need-

A blender. 


1 cup of organic coconut 

 14 dried organic apricots 

 1Tbsp of protein powder (optional)

Method:  Simply throw all the ingredients in the blender and blend on high for about a minute. In my experience it’s very hard to over blend. Depending on the size of apricots you used you might need to add some water one Tbsp at a time. Till the mixture holds together when pressed with your fingers, but you both want it wet and sticky. 

Roll into balls and refrigerate for half an hour or so to set (or eat straight away!) 

 Makes 8.

Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  

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