Hi I’m Penny.
I’m the creator Saucha Living, a place for you to come to find inspiration on healthy, wholesome recipe ideas and simple tips for living a happy healthy life.
I’m a qualified yoga teacher, holistic health and full time Mum.

My food philosophy is aiming to eat foods as close to nature as possible. I love growing my own organic veggies and always like to know where my food has come from.

You might find some “superfood” ingredients in some of my recipes. If you don’t have these in your pantry, don’t stress, a lot of the time they are optional extras, I will always mention if they are. I like to cram as much nutrients into my recipes as possible. Life will go on with out them but I truly love the flavor and texture they add.

I hope to inspire you and share the journey of whole food living with you.
Please contact me with any queries or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!