Welcome to Saucha Living a blog created to share my love of wholesome cooking, yoga, organic living and some handy tips and knowledge I’ve learnt along the way

My name is Penny I’m a mother, wife, quaified yoga teacher and beauty therapist with an overflowing passion for healthy living, and most importantly finding balance.

Saucha translates to cleanliness / purity. It is one of the 5 niyams (personal disoplens) of the yogic philosophy. It refers to both our inner and outer purity, including the thoughts we think, the food we consume to the products we put on our skin.

I like to think of it as concious living, making the most out of what we have.

I hope to inspire you with nourishing recipes that leave you feeling energised as well as some simple daily practices to bring more Saucha to your lives.

” it’s not what we do sometimes it’s what we do all the time” – Dr Libby Weaver